I was visiting the AI- IoT- & Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam and wanted to give a quick overview for everybody who wasn’t there. I didn’t see every talk but talked to a lot of people about the conference itself. I also was focused more on the AI talks overall.


My path for this expo and still one of the best options in general.

Not a lot new here but it is always nice to see the real world applications that AI has – especially in a running demo.

Some Highlights:

The talk from Irakli Beridze from UNICRI about AI and it´s global impact because it was the only talk that really scratched on the downsides of the fast-paced AI technology and how we could provide some solutions.

The concept of an emotional AI from BPU that in the future can be trained to have empathy and is designed to run on your own hardware.

The face recognition from SightCorp [Warning: No SSL on the Website] that can tell if people are happy, disgusted or angry in real time for advertisement of the future.

It was also interesting to see and also to hear that most people try to get around all the ethical problems that can arise – especially SightCorps response to questions what they could do for security of us ‘consumers’ was essentially “our customer has to decide this, we just create the software” – makes sense on a legal level but I’m not sure if that should be the normal response from an AI company, that could potentially help victims of violence or when people have medical problems with a simple phone call…



The focus of IoT was, of course, to make all the “things” around us much smarter.

For that, we saw sensors and a lot of projects that give us infrastructure.

I’m especially happy about the project from 1NCE from Germany that will start in August to give us a Sim Card that is active for 10 years, has 500MB traffic each month and costs only a one time fee of 10€. I really think this will give a lot of IoT devices a cheap possibility to run and communicate with the server.

It´s also nice to see that some companies are trying to build the right kind of software to connect and monitor everything, like Teamviewer.

Shoutout to Alwin Crooijmans from 1NCE & Patrick Giezen from Teamviewer that took the time to talk to me about their Projects and a lot more about the AI & IoT World…



BlockchainExpo was almost entirely an advertisement for new cryptocurrencies. You could also just watch some new ICO´s – people really pour money in this in the billions and the expected results are mostly unknown.

I came to one booth from nTitle that want to help game developers to be free from platforms like Steam & Co for a small 3% cut of the action. I don’t say that’s a bad idea but the blockchain technology doesn’t bring anything to the table that isn’t available in solutions like PayPal.

More so, after some (admittable pointy) questions, they agreed that the currency will be volatile and that you essentially speculate that your coins are more worth at the end of the year than at the start.

I don’t see consumers buying something like this if they also have the option to just use PayPal and I don’t see a developer using it because the same volatility goes on their costs too.

Especially small developers want a steady income stream and not something where they should potentially wait for a better month.

That said I did see a Project for Healthcare from KINECT which is worthy to be looked at again and which actually not only made sense for using Blockchain but has a real-world impact if the system would be adaptable. – As always that’s what it comes down to in a lot of Blockchain projects, but this is one of these instances where I see some potential for the future…


I was very glad I took the AI path for the Conference but do think I missed some interesting things in the IoT talks for general knowledge.

Blockchain was, as I said, totally underwhelming – essentially it was the same stuff you get presented online – huge exhibition and a lot of marketing but no substance behind that and no real business models that were worth a second look (except the Healthcare Idea from KINECT).

The conference itself was in a good location and it was ideal to talk about the topics with people who understand the technologies.

I would like to connect to more people so if you agree, disagree or find it helpful => Drop me a line at LinkedIn or Twitter.

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