Most businesses and especially business owners do not have a lot of time to stay up all day to research all the newly available technology.

I can completely understand that; with my own company, I sometimes struggle to balance my hunger for new information with my workload and the demands of my private life. – I manage this, of course, most of the time but the point is I know many business owners who are not in tech or can’t commit the time to stay on top of everything.

But now seriously – AI is here! Most businesses are not realizing it because a lot of people are still thinking it´s a thing of the future like Quantum computers (which are almost here).

And this is a big mistake because the market that AI is gaining is exponential which means if you join later you are at a disadvantage.

If you are the owner of a business or if you work in one and nobody mentioned something like “Machine-Learning-Algorithm” yet, you should take some time to see if it could not be used in your company as well.

Machine Learning has a lot of cases where it can help the workflow of a company especially if you have a standardized workflow.

Also whenever you have big datasets like customer data, ticket systems, support systems and so on, machine learning can save time to extreme factors that are then free for better customer relations, better answers, and more freedom for the workforce.

So much can be automated and also done faster and easier if you look at it with the power of an intelligent sorting system.

So my tip for all businesses is:
Look at what you do, see which processes are standardized and which datasets are important for you and then see if it would not make sense if they would be automated. And then do it!

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