I’m not a fan of Apple, Microsoft, Linux or Google – All do have some certain application value and all have a reason for being on the market.
This article is not about that the Company (in this case Apple) is “trash”. It is about my view on their mindset and state of innovation of that company!

The WWDC is Apple’s prestigious conference for showing off their newest innovation – or more they’re lack of it in the last years…

Like Google I/O this year, the conference lives from the hype of the fans but shows nothing really new or game-changing.

If you need a summary you will find lots of other articles that are going into every small change apple did to Hard- & Software.

I want to highlight a couple of things that were good or bad:


Software Updates

This was really bad in a way – to suggest that Apple is the only company who does software upgrades is just so out of touch with reality.

Measures App

I’m not saying this is not a good app, but to be honest, apps like this are not the crown of development that would be possible, especially on iPhone where your camera is set in stone.
I find stuff like this really shows how much innovation is lacking right now with apple and the iPhone / iPad.

Curated iNews

Oh great the next News App that will give me curated news from just a handful of platforms Apple approves of – yeah nothing wrong in sense of filter bubble or depicting news in only one way…
We live in the most politically polarized time since WW2 but why stop here…

DND Mode

Really – DND is the new thing to go about like it was really hard to come up with the idea?
People demand stuff like that for over 6 years… this is a normal function your device should have since at least 2012.


Software Updates

Regardless of the bad feeling I had with the introduction, Apple does care about older devices.
I think that is more due to the fact that not everybody can buy the new models and they want the ability to hook more customers – but it is a big step to stay compatible 5 years in the past and I give them credit for that.

iOS Apps on Mac

This is a huge deal – I don’t see it as a mega innovation but it solves a lot of problems for Apple that they had, for instance, the out of date apps for Twitter & co.

In the long run, this could mean it´s better to just develop for iOS and I’m not sure Apple will be happy with that in the long run but for now, it seems to be the right move.


That they used their connection with Pixar to create a new standard format for AR is good – it´s not amazing but I’m all for improved standards. Hopefully, others will adopt this then maybe AR has a place in the future.

Siri Tiles / Shortcuts

Again not very innovative but user-friendly – something I expected shortly after Siri was released. It did cost too much time in my opinion but for that, they did it in the right way and it seems great.

MacOS Privacy

Apple is not interested in customer data because their whole business has nothing to do with our data. Therefore this was a really good idea and makes sense for Mac & Safari.


Nothing was really a big innovation but it does improve on some levels and keeps falling short on others.

Why no device has intelligent work features like planned DND modes is still a big mystery to me.

I also miss a lot of security features a browser could solve a lot better and quicker than any website and don’t get me started on stuff like privacy & communication… but that is all coming in the future… maybe in 2019.

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